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Technology, quality, purpose


Global Credit Solutions continues to invest significantly in Internet technologies that meet both local and international requirements. This will allow you to set up a fully automated web interface for working with a full cycle of risk management, from searching for credit ratings to filling out applications and generating comprehensive reports. Such automation of activity will provide us and our customers with new and diverse opportunities.

Currently, Global Credit Solutions Moldova uses 2 types of software: GCMS and Prime Collector Moldova. The GCMS system allows you to exchange business between Global Credit Solutions partners, track actions regarding the debtor, receive Partner reports on debt collection abroad, as well as exchange information and discuss ways to collect debt. VIP clients are given the opportunity to track actions in relation to its debtor.

Prime Collector Moldova software is designed to work on debtors in the domestic market, both B2C and B2B. It is able to provide work in respect of more than 10 thousand cases online, track the work of debtors, and helps to fully optimize the process of collecting receivables.


GCS applies the best possible quality standards to further expand our customer base, providing effective support to our customers, partners and agents.

GCS is committed to providing the highest quality international credit risk services. Each of our employees has the necessary equipment to provide the highest quality business information. For our clients, distances and languages are no longer barriers to successful business abroad.

The GCS quality policy includes the following objectives:

Strengthening international communications by introducing new and cost-effective measures;
Maintaining a corporate culture through appropriate leadership examples;
Protection of company independence through continuous development and good returns.
Strengthening the position of the brand “GCS” in the world;
Promoting professional and personal development of staff;
Ensuring the quality of activities of our partner offices;
Respect for confidentiality with respect to third parties and society when working with specific customer information;
Continuous development of GCS as an organization that adapts to the needs of the client, with clear structures of responsibility;
Further gaining leadership in technology, based on our own research and development programs, strategic partnership programs and cooperation with leading industry associations and institutes;

Global Credit Solutions is committed to:

Take a leading position in the risk management industry in the areas of credit, trade and commercial reports, debt collection, management and research of receivables, to ensure that this advantage is used by us to strengthen the motivation of our qualified employees to make more efforts on our part, as well as to achieve leading positions in the international market.

implement the above in a professional, efficient and competitive manner.

Work with our clients to identify and meet their needs, both now and in the future, thanks to a commitment to our research resources and tools, and work in the industry so that we can guarantee the conformity of the quality of the services offered meet best practice.

Ensure the satisfaction of the needs of our employees, customers and society in a manner consistent with best practices, ensuring a safe and favorable working environment, and strive to always be the highest quality corporate unit.

Neil A. Wood
Chair and Group Manager