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Debtor’s recommendations

Look at the problem in the face.


Approach the issue calmly and carefully, count on yourself, and not on those who promise to relieve you of debts or question the legitimacy of the work of collection agencies. By taking a loan or using the services, you have accepted the obligation to pay for them. Neither from a legal nor ethical point of view there is no other way to fulfill this obligation, except by making settlements with the creditor or service provider.

Find out about your capabilities from a professional

A professional collector is a person who knows HOW to solve debt problems. Its purpose is to help the creditor and debtor to settle the debt. Do not avoid talking with a collection agency employee, but take advantage of his experience, listen to his words and advice. A way out of a difficult situation will be surely found.

Find the right solution with experts


Time, unfortunately, works against you. The longer you delay the repayment of the debt, the more you will have to pay – at the expense of interest, penalties and fines. It is in your interests, together with the manager of the collection agency, to create an acceptable payment schedule and to observe it impeccably.

Follow the decision


Repayment of debts in the shortest possible time and in pre-trial procedure will allow you to optimize the size of payments and maintain your rights to dispose of property and freedom of movement. That is why you are interested in an active contact with a collection agency in the process of debt repayment. And our task is to provide you with consulting, organizational and moral support.