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Collector Procedural Code

Collectors must understand the nature and origin of any debt prior to the collection action;
Collectors must collect debts in a friendly manner, in a reasonable and legal way;
Collectors should computerize and record all actions taken and plan the next course of action;
Collectors must understand the financial history of the debtor, its resources and situation (using our database, investigations, inquiries and information provided by the client) before the start of debt collection activities in order to prepare a suitable offer for debt repayment;
Collectors must remain patient, calm,
observant and demonstrate good manners throughout the debt
collection process;
Collectors must be prepared to act as a negotiator, mediator, arbitrator, solve problems between a debtor and a debtor, and understand possible disagreements or disputes between these parties;
Collectors must immediately report
on each payment received
from the debtor.
Collectors should direct matters that require consideration by management to their supervisor;
Collectors, where possible, should maintain, strengthen and renew the relationship between the lender and the debtor;
Collectors must always respect the honesty of the debtor;
Collectors must approve
the client before approving any debt repayment schedule
proposed by the debtor;
Collectors should immediately contact all their supervisors / managers about all cases / situations with unexpected, complex development in order to get advice or plan further actions;
Collectors must strictly comply with safety and confidentiality requirements for all information received, and understand that the information received or found out should be used only for the purpose of collecting debts. Work with all information should be carried out in accordance with the requirements for working with personal (private) data (the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance) and the Data Protection Act of the European Union;