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Collection of corporate commercial debts

Collection of corporate (commercial) debts is based on the same principles, namely: the debtor pays the collected amount to the creditor and payment is made only after receipt of the debt. So, after the money arrives at the creditor’s account (or in some cases the goods), the client (creditor) pays our fee in the form of a percentage of the amount collected.

The debt collection period averages from 1 to 4 months, during which the debtor begins to pay the debt or pays it in full. Timely customer contact to our company in 70% of cases has a successful result and ends with full repayment of the debt.
Debt collection is based on a combination of reputational, legal, situational and other approaches to the debtor. The use of extrajudicial procedures to force the payment of debt allows you to quickly and efficiently return the debt, while saving time and money of the client.

To achieve the result, the company’s specialists carry out the debt collection procedure in the following stages:

The first stage - pre-trial mediation:

  • Search and contact with decision makers
  • Claim work and correspondence with the debtor company
  • Conducting personal negotiations with the management and owners of the company
  • Drawing up and control of the schedule of repayment of overdue debts
  • Search for assets of the debtor company, negotiations on their seizure and sale in pre-trial procedure

In the event that the aforementioned pre-judicial measures are insufficient, with the consent of the client, we proceed to represent the interests of the client in court. However, as a rule, at this stage debt collection ends in success!

The second stage

Judicial production, which we resort to if the first stage failed to resolve the debt situation. The cost of legal services to represent your interests in court and in the process of enforcement proceedings is significantly lower than when contacting law firms and lawyers, due to the fact that our remuneration consists of a percentage commission from the debtor company that you received.

Representation of your interests in court is carried out by us by means of:

  • Formation of a package of documents for judicial recovery
  •  Filing a lawsuit
  • Preparation and filing of applications for interim measures
  • Pre-trial preparation for the trial
  • Representation of interests of the client in court hearings
  • Obtaining a court decision and executive documents


The third stage is enforcement proceedings

After the first two stages, we come to the final part – enforcement proceedings, which we carry out through bailiffs, by:

  • Presentation of the writ of execution for execution by the relevant bailiff.
  • Organization and control of the exit of the bailiff at the place of execution of executive actions
  • Seizure of property of the debtor in order to enforce the execution document
  • Control of tendering for the sale of debtor’s property
  • Obtaining from the bailiff an act on the completion of enforcement proceedings.


For reference:

1) in pre-trial cases, the percentage of our fee is usually from 10%
2) in post-trial cases – from 35%

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