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About GCS-Moldova

The company Global Credit Solutions Moldova (GCS Moldova) was registered in Moldova on February 4, 2010 with the aim of providing a full range of high-quality credit and risk management services that would be accessible to most entities of Moldovan and international business.

GCS Moldova pays considerable attention to providing credit and risk management services to non-residents in Moldova, as well as serving the interests of Moldovan clients abroad.

Our goals:

To be at the forefront of credit and risk management, applying all our experience, staff qualifications and high-tech solutions to achieve high results.

Through the satisfaction of the needs of our customers, staff and the general public – to create a positive image of the collection company.

Work professionally, efficiently and competitively.
Provide a wide range of credit and risk management services to meet the present and future needs of our Clients, in accordance with the highest standards.


Global Credit Solutions strives to be a leader in the field of technologies used, and this advantage is a good motivation for our qualified employees, so that they, for their part, would also make every effort.
Debt collection and litigation abroad can be quite problematic. The variety of regulations in each of one hundred or more jurisdictions around the world means that it is impossible to effectively and professionally manage risks from a single office, since it is impossible to possess all the knowledge relevant to specific territories. But thanks to its network, GCS possesses qualified knowledge of world legal systems, mandatory rules, customs and practices, which eliminates risks and helps to create a “platform” for the client’s activities.
A distinctive feature of Global Credit Solutions is our commitment to offer customers the solutions that meet their needs.
The company actively invests and develops Internet technologies, interactive voice systems (Interactive Voice Response, IVR), as well as complex automated systems for processing applications.
The presence of advanced technologies allows us to show flexibility and maximum response in relation to our customers, which is the envy of our competitors. If you encounter any local problems, we have opportunities for a large-scale business resumption, so our customers can feel comfortable, realizing that the provision of our services will not be interrupted. Nor can we overestimate the importance of the obligatory and prompt restoration of our activities after a natural disaster.
Global Credit Solutions uses a high customer service culture, as it understands that it is not possible to create a successful organization with only the latest technologies. Providing the optimal solution for each client is the result of an individual approach to each problem in the work of our managers. The desire to provide solutions that satisfy customer needs allows GCS to occupy a leading position in the field of credit management.
Using advanced Internet technologies helps Global Credit Solutions provide top-quality services and a range of products to potential and existing customers.
In addition, Global Credit Solutions has developed a wide network of partner agencies in countries where GCS Group offices are not yet represented.
Each office of Global Credit Solutions offers qualified knowledge in cultural and linguistic fields, knowledge of customs, rules and regulatory documents of the respective countries, and is able to provide our customers with a quick and comprehensive analysis of their needs and capabilities in relation to assigned tasks. To receive a price offer from us for any of the services we provide, just write to us. We will always consider your request and forward our price offer.
This website serves to ensure that you can get as much information as possible about Global Credit Solutions and its activities. But we are always happy, if necessary, to provide you with additional information. Please contact us by email.