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About GCS Group

Global Credit Solutions Limited was founded in Australia by the parent company Total Credit Management Services Pty Ltd, after which it expanded its business in Asia, Europe, the Far East, the Gulf of Mexico and the Americas. The company’s goal was to create the infrastructure for and continuous growth and development in important areas of Global Credit Management services. Today the company is represented all over the world and provides high-quality services to an ever-growing number of customers.

The use of modern communications and technologies makes GCS work extremely efficient. Information transfer to almost any part of the world is instantaneous. Today, the company is recognized by the International Business Community as an expert in the fields of credit and risk management, debt collection, and credit reporting.

Why GCS?

Our ideas

The idea of the GCS company is to provide international services of the highest quality in the field of credit risks.
Each of our offices is equipped to provide high-quality business information. For our clients, distances and languages are no longer barriers to successful business abroad.

Territorial Offices

Collecting receivables and conducting litigation abroad can be quite problematic. The variety of regulations in each of one hundred or more jurisdictions around the world means that it is impossible to effectively and professionally manage risks from a single office, since it is impossible to possess all the knowledge relevant to specific territories.

But thanks to its network, GCS possesses qualified knowledge of world legal systems, mandatory rules, customs and practices, which eliminates risks and helps to create a “platform” for the client’s activities.

Customer Service Culture

Customer care is at the core of our actions. Our staff strives to find a solution that focuses on the individual needs of the client. Whatever your problem, customer service managers are always at your disposal and are ready to provide practical advice based on their experience so that you can choose the most suitable solution for you.

Favorable prices

Due to the large volume of orders with which the GCS network works, we can offer customers significantly reduced prices, while continuing to provide the highest quality services. Information on investigations and loans is provided quickly and clearly. Depending on the level of detail and deadlines, we use multi-level payment structures. Our specially trained teams of collectors and negotiators can succeed in recovering an impressive share of debts at competitive prices. Every year, companies lose millions in futile attempts to collect foreclosures abroad. If you entrust this work to GCS, you will save significant amounts, both in the coming and in later periods.


The staff of Global Credit Solutions has key knowledge in the areas of consumer and commercial lending, trade and business reporting, debt collection, investigations, and loan advice.

All personnel were trained accordingly to always carry out their work tasks and provide our customers with services at a highly professional level. Each of them specializes in their field, with most of the main employees working in the field of debt collection for more than ten years, and thanks to their experience, the rest of the employees have the opportunity to learn from their knowledge and competence.

The above, along with negotiation skills and sensitivity to specific circumstances, ensures that clients’ requirements are handled professionally, and in each case, the obligations of debtors are analyzed and appropriate actions are taken to obtain a quick and satisfactory result.

Global Credit Solutions Ltd executives have a minimum of forty (40) years of experience, many of them have established businesses in their countries that are leading in the field of debt collection and lending. Some of them were leaders in relevant national and international professional associations.