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The most common “illness” of Ukrainian customers is

So, let’s start with Ukrainian customers.
The most common “illness” of Ukrainian clients is a reverent attitude to debt beyond any measure. Usually, for an initial assessment of a debt and the beginning of work on it, a simple data set is enough for us: the name and code of the debtor, the amount of the debt, the delay in payment and basic documents (or descriptions) explaining the essence of the debt. In the process of working on a debt, sometimes it is sometimes necessary to clarify some details or obtain additional documents.
However, this is not enough for many customers. Initially, they bring us piles of documents, appoint meetings, where for several hours they describe in detail the whole story, starting from the moment of cooperation beginning many years ago, details of relationships, deliveries, payments and ending with psychological portraits of debtors, nicknames of their dogs and their own thoughts about them (in sense debtors, not dogs) decency …
Dear customers, take care of your and our time!

In most cases, after several contacts, the debtor himself recognizes the debt, often in writing, after which the whole background and documents are no longer important. Collection companies charge money for the result, and not for the time spent at work, which is why all the secondary activities (for example, a detailed study of documents at work desks like lawyers or drinking coffee with buns at meetings with clients) are cut as much as possible so as not to take time away The main activity – money back – is very serious, professional, nervous and hard work.

Yes, by the way, and offices for meetings with us are not very good. We need functionality and security, not representativeness. And there is no negotiation. Our meeting room is with the debtor in the office.
So do not waste time and effort in vain. Just follow the instructions of professionals, clearly, clearly and briefly state the requested information and do your direct work – and collectors will take charge of collecting the debt.
Another disease is simply an iron faith in a judgment. How much we have already written that the probability of recovery is inversely proportional to the delay … And still, many clients come with ancient debts, and upon hearing the argument mentioned above, they are proud to present a court decision. With this view – they say, look, the debt has been almost recovered, there are little things left.

Gentlemen, for the collector, court is already a loss. It’s one thing if the appeal to the court is carefully weighed and prepared, information on his liquid assets is collected on the debtor and there are contacts in the executive service – then everything will be recovered without collectors. And it’s a completely different matter – when they turn to the court, as a universal authority for the protection of rights and justice, and then turn to a collection company for a miracle …
Gentlemen, a court decision is not a security; it does not automatically guarantee a refund. Rather, on the contrary, collectors have practically no tools left to work with the debtor.
And we do not do miracles … If the debt is 5 years, the court decision is 2, and the debtor does not pay, do not hope that the collection company will help.

Therefore, turn to professionals on time! If the debtor doesn’t pay more than six months without very serious, objective and carefully checked reasons, then it’s time to contact the collection company.
And since we already have the revelations of the collector, let’s talk about some of the things that customers do and that collectors do not like very much.

For example – the most ridiculous question that we hear from the client is “what are the guarantees of the return of the debt?”. It is a mystery to us what our customers expect to hear back and what they mean by the word “guarantees”. We don’t take an advance payment; First, the debtor pays the debt, and then the client pays our services out of this money. In extreme cases, if the debt cannot be recovered, the client will not spend a dime.
In this vein, there was a case about five years ago. A client came to us, told a sad story of debt (see above for a reverent attitude to debt) and an even more sad story of how he laid out $ 10,000 to a lawyer for “resolving the debt issue.” And this person who laid out the “top ten” for some time tormented us with the issue of guarantees, despite the fact that we do not take a penny of prepayment, but only a percentage of the exacted!

Another interesting question that we hear from the client is “what is the likelihood of a return?” Or the variation “when can you recover?” The question itself is logical, for example, collection companies working with large portfolios of debts (and these are hundreds and thousands of loans of the same type that are quite common housing and communal services), they can accurately calculate the probability, but what does it matter for a client with one or more corporate debts that comes to us?

Dear customers, we really do not understand … Especially when this question is one of the first to be asked, when you have not yet told us anything about the debt. More or less realistic (and approximate!) Forecasts can be made only after the start of work on the case, and before that there is only one absolutely correct and absolutely useless answer to the question of the probability of recovery – “50 to 50 – either refund or not.”

To be continued….