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1) Are you willing to handle both B2B and B2C cases in your country? or prefer B2B only?

=In Moldova, as GCS-Moldova we are ready to serve you both in B2B and B2C cases


2) Do you have any policy of case rejection in the beginning regarding the debt amount?

=In Moldova, as GCS-Moldova weare ready to serve you for any case no matter the amount of the debt


3) Do you have any policy of case rejection regarding the date of debt? Such as, what is the statute of limitation in your country?

=In Moldova, as GCS-Moldova  are ready to serve you for any case no matter if it is a disputed claim or not. The statute of limitation is 3 years in Moldova and we can work on cases even if it is statute barred


4) What is the content and timespan of your collection activities, meaning TAT?

=In Moldova, as GCS-Moldova we are ready to serve you in the fastest way, meaning that in each case we take action on a daily basis (max in 3WorkdingDays- 3wd) and also update you whenever there is a development. If no developments, we will be updating you max 2 weeks about the developments + latest status + action plan. We start with collection by sending demand letter, then collection emails, then calls , reminders (each followed by collection calls simultaneously) . Finallywe respond to all emails within 24 hours during the weekdays. So in case you do not receive a response from us max in 3wd, please send an email to [email protected]


5) Do you need to have supporting documents to be provided at the time of case assignment? Or is that ok to provide them to you upon your request while you work on the case, if necessary?

=In Moldova, as GCS-Moldova, we always prefer to have all evidences regarding the debt and about debtor (such as scan of contract, debt saldo ifi is B2B case; contract, passport or ID copy if it is B2C) from the start


6) Are you able to do a skiptracing for free about the national citizens of your country, if we provide you name + surname + date of birth + mostly passport copy?

=In Moldova, as GCS-Moldova we can provide this service. Cost 50 euros.


7) Are you also willing and capable of taking legal action if all prelegal actions are exhausted? If yes, is there any min debt amount worth for legal action or general comments about the legal action in your country that is useful for us to know in advance? Also, is it possible to give a total budget of legal costs to be paid in advance + plus a commission after recovery?

=In Moldova, as GCS-Moldova we e are ready to serve you with assisting in legal action too. We have lawyers. Legal costs are: 3% of the amount of the claim (state fee), legal services, translation costs, examination and assessments (if necessary), publications about the summons and other costs. the cost of our legal services is minimal because the lawyer is also interested in post-trial debt collection from your debtor. There are also post-court costs for the bailiff. These costs are usually insignificant and at the start amount to around 200 euros. if it becomes necessary to hold auctions for the sale of property or other complex events, it will cost additionally, but these are usually not big amounts.  That’s why whenever we give a legal offer to you, we pay attention to give the total budget for your client to decide better by paying only a fixed amount of money in advance + plus a commission rate after recovery. There will be no surprise costs or hidden fees during or after the legal action.


8) Are you ok to conduct pre-legal negotiations with debtors for a debt restructuring, if necessary?

=In Moldova, as GCS-Moldova we are ready to serve you with the best interests of you and your clients. We do not fish for easy cases and never leave the case with a single letter or couple of collections costs. We do not close a case easily if the is objected. Therefore with our trained and qualified collection specialists, we make sure to exhaust all pre-legal ways for negotiating a payment plan with installments and/or discounts for disputed claims. By prioritizing the creditor’s interests of course, we make an in-depth investigation of all available information and documents in order to validate the claims of each party by aiming at ‘ Amicable Recovery Solutions’ before legal action or case closure


9) Would you confirm to make a contra accounting/offset with every 2,3,4,5 or max 6 months (depending on your company/country policy and agreements with your clients of course) for deducting our whole commission invoice from the debtor payments (we call it as ‘buffer’) which were made on our bank account, if there are any?

=In Moldova, the debtor pays only to the creditor. our company cannot accept money from the debtor.



10) Are you able to collect LPF (late payment fees) from debtors in your country?

=In Moldova, as GCS-Moldova we are ready to serve you for collecting the principal debt amount in full. We also add LPF (composed of both collection costs + interests) on top of the principal debt, because debtors are not entitled to pay these LPFs before legal action. So we use these LPF amounts as a negotiation tool with debtors. And if we somehow convince debtors (purely with our success) to pay any money on top of the principal debt (whole or partial of LPF), we keep it at our company (if not otherwise agreed with our clients or partners).



11) Do you also provide risk management services such as credit reports, site visits, asset check… about the debtor companies or individuals in your country?

=In Republic of Moldova, as GCS-Moldova we are ready to serve you also for risk management services and conduct investigations within the legal limits of our country (such as site visits, business reports, media check ect..). Whenever you need any type of investigation inquiries in Republic of Moldova, please never hesitate to contact us so we can share with you about the doability, price and TAT (turn-around-time) within 24 hours.



12) Do you agree to that each party is responsible for their own bank fees when making an ‘international money transfer’?

=In Republic of Moldova, as GCS-Moldova we agree to cover the transfer costs of our own bank and let you to be responsible for your own bank fees. We are not willing to be held responsible for the bank charges of the correspondent bank outside of Republic of Moldova due to huge range of costs differing in every country.



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