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Credit report

Credit report - report about business and financial status of the company you are interested in. 

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GCS Moldova provides credit reports in Moldova with valuable information, that will assist you in making a credit application decision:
- Corporate background
- Directors & Shareholders Data
- Financial Data
Operations a& Trade background

Offering credit facilities can see your business grow at a phenomenal rate, however it is essential to know and limit your risk.

Business Credit report services range from a verbal file check to written trade and status reports. The purpose of these reports vary but the benefits are the same, in that you know exactly who you are dealing with before accepting contracts, credit application or sale.

GCS Moldova provides its clients with 'best of breed' reports, at 'lower than competitive' prices.

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Why GCS?

sam-12This flat rate commission structure is determined by the volume and value of your collection needs. 

Credit report

sam-13Credit-report is instrument for making business decisions

Commercial debt collection

shutterstock 9024544.202105251 std GCS-Moldova is specialize in commercial debt collection