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Commercial B2B debt collection services in Moldova

images111Since 2010 we have been providing debt collection services in Moldova according principal: No win - No fee! 

We are specialize in pre-legal debt collection services in Moldova. Of course  we provide legal and post-litigation services 

Collecting commercial debts  

Collecting corporate (commercial) debts is based on the same principles namely - the debtor pays the collected sum to the creditor and payment is carried out only after receiving debt. So after receipt of money for the count of the creditor (or in certain cases goods), the client (creditor) pays for services rendered in the form of percent from the collected sum. 

The period of collecting debt supply is from 2 to 4 months during which the debtor starts paying a debt or pays it completely. The timely appeal of the client to our company in 70% of cases has successful result and comes to an end with full repayment of a debt.  

Collecting debt is based on a combination of reputation, legal, situational and other approaches to the debtor. Using of extrajudicial procedures for coercion for payment of a debt gives quickly and effectively debt return, saving  time and financial assets of the client. 

For achievement the procedure of collecting debt specialists of the company carry out on the following stages: 

1. The first stage - a pre-judicial mediate: 

- Searching and making contact with the persons responsible for decision-making 

- Claims activities and correspondence with the company the debtor 

- Holding personal negotiations with the management and owners of the company 

- Making up and control of the schedule of overdue repayment 

- Searching assets of the debtor company, holding talks about their recovery and realization in a pre-judicial order 

in a case when the pre-judicial procedures did not enough for successful returns of a debt, with the client consent we start to represent client in the court. However as a rule at this stage collecting debt terminates in success! 


2. The second stage - a judicial. On this stage we resort in case at the first stage wasn't succeeded to resolve a situation with debt. The cost of legal services in representation of your interests in court and in the course of executive production - is much lower than at the appeal to law firms and to lawyers because our remuneration consists in a percentage commision from received by you from the company debtor. 

Representation of your interests in court is carried out by us by means of:  

- Formations of a package of documents for judicial collecting 

- Submission of the statement of claim in court 

- Preparation and submission of petitions for acceptance of interim measures 

- Pre-judicial preparation for court session 

- Representation of interests of the client in court sessions 

- Obtaining judgment and executive documents 

3. The third stage - executive production. After carrying out the first two stages we approach the finishing part - executive production which we carry out by means of judicial performers, way: 

presentation of the executive document to execution to the corresponding judicial performer. 

- The organization and control of departure of the judicial performer in a place of commission of executive actions 

Seizures of property 

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Commercial debt collection

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