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B2C debt collection in Republic of Moldova

images распискаGCS-Moldova provides B2C and C2C Collection  in Moldova with condition: NO COLLECTION - NO FEE.

It can be difficult for businesses to recover the debt in Moldova, and there are numerous obstacles in your way. GCS Moldova understands the legal requirements of debt collection in Moldova, therefore we can provide our services in a professional, knowledgeable, and firm manner. With our NO COLLECTION - NO FEE policy you can start collecting YOUR money NOW!

Debt collection is a complex service which includes 2 consistent stages:

Amicable collection - this stage includes actions which are directed to make the debtor pay himself. 

· Analysis of debt-proving documents;

· Collection of background information about the subject;

· Negotiations with the debtor about the debt recovery;

· Making a schedule of payments, and control of following it;

· Searching for alternative ways of recovery, debt restructuring;

A regular monthly report is sent to the clients (procedure may differ in some countries) 

Legal actions - If the debtor refuses to pay his debt, we advise you to start legal actions against the debtor. 

Professional lawyers of GCS Moldova are able to provide qualified legal actions, taking into account features of local legislation.

Before lodging a lawsuit we recommend to estimate the prospects of legal process by making credit report, which includes information about debtor's solvency.

General limitation of actions in Moldova is 3 years. 

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Debtor's recommendations

headerselective Please be calm and follow of collector recommendation

Why GCS?

sam-12This flat rate commission structure is determined by the volume and value of your collection needs. 

Credit report

sam-13Credit-report is instrument for making business decisions

Commercial debt collection

shutterstock 9024544.202105251 std GCS-Moldova is specialize in commercial debt collection