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business1GCS has offices all over the world, with more then 80 different countries, 

which ensures that we have the necessary expertise and international resources to provide the quality debt collection services. 

GCS partners offices are managed by local people, ensuring a comprehensive knowledge of the area, language, culture and customs as well as the laws that apply in their respective countries. This assists in eliminating lingual or cultural barriers. It also assists our clients to overcome obstacles they may have in trying to recover outstanding monies. 

All partners offices are joined by international platform GCMS . This comprises a global case management system with a database for global case distribution, administration, management and reporting to clients. 

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Debtor's recommendations

headerselective Please be calm and follow of collector recommendation

Why GCS?

sam-12This flat rate commission structure is determined by the volume and value of your collection needs. 

Credit report

sam-13Credit-report is instrument for making business decisions

Commercial debt collection

shutterstock 9024544.202105251 std GCS-Moldova is specialize in commercial debt collection